Thanks for finding your way here. Whether it was on purpose, or by accident, here’s the low-down on what you’re getting yourself into. 

My name is Jonathon Dewveall and I’m a half-assed singer/songwriter on a life-long search for existential meaning. I haven’t figured anything out just yet, but I promise to let you know when I do. Until then, maybe you’d like to join me on this mostly fruitless adventure.

"How can I do that, Jonathon"?  I'm so glad you asked.


Seriously, I'd love to have you on my mailing list. You see, I’m a middle-aged musician who is mostly burned out on self-promotion and I’d like to find a way to still make some music without selling my sexy dad-bod on Instagram. I’m open to other ideas, but for now, the mailing list is a great place to start.

After you've signed up, go listen to some of my music. I suggest the "TMI / Free Songs" section of the website. It's kind of the “What’s he up to now?” part. You could also go check out the “Music” page and hear the songs of yesteryear, back when my wife and I were in a band together. 

Really want to get on my good side? Send me a message about something spicy, like process philosophy, theoretical physics, baseball, or religious studies. Tacos are also my love language. 

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for coming along.











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