Put Your Love to Shame

Today's entry into the Socially Distant Song catalog will bring us out of our sobering lament and plant us firmly into the face-melting territory of rock-n-roll tomfoolery. And a bonus, it's a music video! 

I started writing this song with my good friends, Tyrus Morgan and Jay Speight while working on the last Dewveall record, WORD, but we weren't able to nail down a chorus and finish it in time to get it on the album.  

It was sometime later, that Melanie and I picked it back up and she helped me write the chorus and put the finishing touches on everything.  

Put Your Love to Shame was written to be a duet, with Melanie and I trading verses and playful jabs at each other. The perfect husband and wife duo song to match our "Everybody Loves Raymond" vibe. Me being an almost perfect match for Ray Romano's foot-in-mouth character, and Melanie a nicer version of Patricia Heaton's character.  

Unfortunately, this particular recording will not feature Melanie's voice because it's another one of those unfinished songs that I started with Dave Coleman and Jacob Briggs a few years back.  

Still, it's a raucous good time and makes me incredibly happy every time I hear it, even in its unfinished state.  

I love playing this song with Jacob because he brings terrific energy and originality to the drums. And Dave, well let's just put it this way, if you're listening to the track and think, "that's such a cool part," Dave did it. Uncool guitar, me. Cool guitar, Dave. I love those guys so much.  

Please let me know your thoughts on the song and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with your friends if you like it.  

Thanks for listening and remember to stay positive, stay connected, STAY HOME and love each other.

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