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Fitfully Guided 

Quote from Alfred N. Whitehead.

This quote from Whitehead is a tough one for me. I always feel like I need to be in control of how I respond in any situation - especially stressful ones. So the idea of action coming before thought is a bit nerve-racking.

But, as a musician, there are certainly times when I lose myself in the moment and stop thinking entirely about where the music is going. That’s when Whitehead's idea of being immersed in action resonates with me the most.

And then comes my favorite part of the quote, “…can only fitfully guide it by taking thought.”

Experience comes at us so quickly, that, by the time our nervous system even begins to assess the situation, we’re already in the throes of action. Makes me wish I was better at improv. 😂

How do you experience being 'immersed in action' in your life?