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J. Dewveall's Must-Listen Albums (Spotify Playlist)

Today, instead of a single record, I’d like to share something a little more accessible to people who may not have a record player.

Several months ago, a friend of mine threw out a challenge to create a list of 100 “Must-Listen” albums. Of course, I over-thought and over-analyzed what makes something a “must-listen,” but it was the middle of a pandemic and it seemed like a fun thing to do. 

I tried to set a few rules like only including one album per artist or leaving off some of the well-known stuff that tends to always be on lists from music publications. Of course, some of those records are here anyway, because I wanted to make sure the list was representative of albums that truly influenced and inspired me. 

The key takeaway is that these are albums that I currently listen to over and over again. It probably would’ve been a different list twenty years ago. 

To make it easy for you, I made a Spotify playlist that has a song from each of the albums. I encourage you to follow the playlist and, as you’re listening, take note of stuff that interests you. Then go back and listen to full albums of the ones that caught your ear.

Click Here to Listen 


Things of Note: 

  • Dewveall - Songs from our "Word" album are on the list too. Why wouldn't they be?
  • Los Lobos - There are three albums by Los Lobos. Don’t make me choose. 
  • Ian Moore - I included a song from his album “Modern Day Folklore.” Technically, my album choice is “And All the Colors,” but it’s not on Spotify. Listen if you can find it. 
  • Dana Cooper - “Harry Truman Built a Road” is my real pick, but it’s also not on Spotify. 
  • Frank Ocean - “Novacaine” is a single on the list, but it’s from “nostalgia, ULTRA.” 

Notable Exclusions: 

  • Metal - There are several Metal albums that I would probably include in a “best of” list, but I just don’t listen to them anymore. Maybe one day. 
  • Creed, Staind, Etc. - I have a soft spot in my heart. Let’s be honest though, they didn’t age well. 
  • Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream - Anyone who knows me well, knows that Katy Perry is a guilty pleasure. I almost put “Teenage Dream” on the list, because I listen to it a lot. I just can’t think of anything in particular that makes the album special, except that it’s really fun. 
  • George Strait - “Strait Out of the Box” is probably the only box set I’ve ever purchased in my entire life. That said, it’s not an album and it’s pretty much the only way I listen to George Strait. 

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Comment below with some of your album recommendations. Maybe they’ll make my list one day.

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